Posted by Kendall on 07/29/14 12:41pm

Check out the trailer to our next project NO CAMERAS ALLOWED being released by MTV later this year. In this documentary, Marcus Haney takes us behind-the scene of some of the most notorious music festivals in the world. Marcus’s story is one to be inspired by.

Posted by Kendall on 06/05/14 03:08pm

We are thrilled about our new First-Look deal with Universal Pictures (just announced today)! More to come…


Posted by Kendall on 05/23/14 01:55pm

MONSTER HIGH has a release date. Mark it in your calendars!
October 7, 2016


Posted by Kendall on 05/12/14 04:28pm

HART OF DIXIE has been renewed for a 4th season. Congratulations to the cast & crew!


Posted by Kendall on 04/29/14 05:30pm

Kenneth Mitchell has been cast as Deke Slayton in our upcoming series. Check out details below!


Posted by Kendall on 04/28/14 02:15pm

Joel Johnstone has been added to our cast of ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB! Check out details on his character, Gus Grissom, in the link below.


Posted by Kendall on 04/22/14 02:57pm

Ever Curious? Take the quiz in the link below to find out!

Remember Bret Harrison from the OC days? We are exciting to be working with him again on ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB. Check out a clip of him in The OC below.

Posted by Kendall on 04/17/14 07:32pm

Bret Harrison & Aaron McCusker join ASTRONAUT WIVES CLUB. Bret will be playing Gordo Cooper & Aaron is cast as Wally Schirra. Check out details below!


Posted by Kendall on 04/15/14 03:06pm

Louise Shepard has been cast! Dominique McElligott will be playing the wife who was “a real life “Sabrina” whose father was the head of maintenance at the Duponts’ Longwood Gardens estate. She struggles to uphold her “perfect” image and her complicated marriage once her husband Alan becomes the first American in space. Louise and Alan had one of the few marriages that survived the space program, staying together for 53 years.” More details can be found in the link below.